Recover lost Google rankings with our Google Recovery Services and acquire your business back. Our link detox specialists will make use of tested methods to repair your links profile. Always adopting white hat practices, our team has mastered the skills required to work with altering search algorithms.

Get Google Recovery Services with Galagali Multimedia

  • All our specialists are certified by Link Research Tools (LRT) in the link detox procedure
  • We have productively recovered lost rankings for 100+ sites
  • We implement only strong, white hat SEO practices
  • Get back lost rankings in just few days

If you’ve noticed a quick and unexpected drop in your website rankings, you might have been striked by Google’s Penguin penalty.

Latest Google Penguin Update

Google released its first Penguin update in April, 2012 to punish imprecise link building exercises, a method utilized to manipulate rankings on SERPs. Soon later, Penguin 2.0 and Penguin 3.0 were released to aim at link building schemers and counteract black hat practices. The latest update Penguin 4.0, released in September, 2016 has the following advantages:

Real time analysis – Penguin 4.0 algorithm can penalize imprecise link building methods on a real time basis. Google crawlers could also penalize your rankings if they happen to index your site. Faster Impact – You no more have to wait for a Google update to start regaining your lost rankings. You will start to witness the results of our Recovery Process within a few days.

Penalty for pages – Previously the whole website was penalized for ‘Link Building Wheeling Dealing’. The latest update is “granular” which indicates certain pages can be penalized while the rest of your site can go on enjoying its SERP rankings.

We have for all time used white hat link building practices to help our clients sustain their SERPs rankings. However, we provide the Google Recovery Process to help clients recapture rankings lost to Google Penguin updates.

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