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Our SEO experts will help you accomplish rankings for hundreds of products on your eCommerce website and increase loads of targeted traffic. So get set for a massive flow in sales! Get set to host your own Big Million Day!

Ecommerce SEO Packages

Galagali Multimedia is one of the few SEO companies with best expertise in Ecommerce SEO. We have facilitated many online stores attain top Google rankings for the most preferred keywords and phrases. Our SEO services have been packaged into various plans. These package plans have been intended to deliver a severe improvement in traffic and online sales for Ecommerce websites.

Having boosted more than 100 online stores, our SEO experts are skilled with all prevalent Ecommerce platforms. While these platforms are best for Ecommerce, they are not precisely SEO-friendly and in many cases considerable customizations are necessary to even insert meta tags. Our Search Engine Marketing team is backed by programming experts who have proficiency in Ecommerce website development and have already optimized these platforms on a number of occasions.

Every ecommerce shopping website wants to be SEO-centric and for this, it needs to be examined on the basis of established pages, page load time and content optimization

Here's a list of the most prevalent SEO changes:

  • Inserting meta tags for product catalogs
  • Introducing Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking code
  • Adding bread crumbs
  • Rewriting URLs to report issues with featured navigation
  • Structuring product feeds for submission to eBay, Amazon etc.

While other SEO agency may charge extra for Ecommerce customizations, these are included in our premium and business Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization packages.

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