Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Building You a Positive Digital Image!

Worried about a negative post? Do you seek to proactively build a brand and make a connection with your client? Whether you are a corporate house, professional or renowned celebrity, lay your confidence in our digital proficiency to form an impactful online reputation for your brand

Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the route of managing the perceptions widespread about a business entity or even a personality online, on web based networking sites and Social Media as well as Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Another phrase used for it is Corporate Reputation Management. The ORM Services can also be referred to as Brand Reputation Management Services if the entity whose reputation being enhanced is a brand rather than a corporate.

Our Online Reputation Management Services:

  • Brand Reputation Management
  • Corporate Reputation Management
  • Celebrity Reputation Management
  • Hotel Reputation Management
  • Hospital Reputation Management

Galagali Multimedia's ORM Marketing Strategy

Reputation Monitoring

As a top online reputation management agency, we provide a complete check-up of your online repute. We will start with monitoring your existing web content about your company’s brand and your services/ products. Our online reputation monitoring software facilitates in checking on both professional journalism and user-created content such as blogs and blog comments.


We will help you strategically respond to negative opinions and reviews and at the same time, generate and promote positive content on a range of online platforms applicable to your brand and company.

Increase accessibility

With Online Reputation Management Services, we will also help you develop ways to turn more accessible and customer-friendly entity, in terms of the web interfaces you make use of for interacting with, and offering information to, online users.

ORM Services - What is the process?

Being one of the best online reputation management companies, we follow a simple yet effective and it incorporates the following:

  • Advertising of existing positive content
  • Fresh content and social media profile creation
  • Active participation in the social web sphere (via forums, blogs, social networking)
  • Smartly responding to negative reviews on diverse online media.

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