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Having run conducted hundreds of lead generation campaigns over the years, we have the proficiency in delivering loads of quality leads at jointly agreed Cost Per Lead (CPL) rates. We will project user-friendly landing page, bring targeted traffic from numerous sources and deliver quality leads.

How Does Lead Based Marketing Work?

  • Phase 1: Outlining cost and quality of the leads

    This is called as 'pilot' phase. We design a SEO-friendly landing page, where you’re possible leads or clients will sign up to obtain more information. The page is then optimized and promoted on a low scale. This enables us to give you a decent idea of the lead generation and acquisition cost. This phase also aids us to examine the quality of the leads and pull the lead based marketing campaign as wanted.

  • Phase 2: Final roll-out

    After the fruitful conclusion of the pilot phase, we roll-out a superior, full-fledged Lead Based Marketing campaign to obtain leads. This includes:

    • Paid ads on Google, Facebook, Amazon and other General Platforms: We use the exact keywords for your business, in the right geographies to support you in getting the leads that you really want.
    • SEO services: Our rich SEO services ensure that your landing page gets a improved ranking on all noticeable search engines
    • Email Marketing: We have refined a large database of double opt-ins over the years. We can exercise this database to shoot emails and generate leads where suitable.
    • Affiliate Marketing: We have a entire host of partner, affiliate sites in various geographies and for numerous interest groups for directing traffic to your landing pages.

Our lead generation services in Mumbai help you get the leads that you need - based on the geography and demographics you sketch for us. Get a higher chance of converting them to sales today!

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